Brubaker landscape designs

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Brubaker landscape designs


Whether you are planting your backyard garden, a landscaping project for a home or commercial space, or even you need help with landscape design and management for your existing garden or property, our professional landscape design team is ready to assist you in your project.

At Brubaker, we take a personal approach, utilising the best practices of high quality materials and intensive on-site work to provide outstanding design solutions for you. Our services include landscape design, project management and implementation, construction, and commercial and residential clean up and decommissioning.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is a process of creating an appealing, long-lasting environment on any project. Our landscape architects and designers will work closely with you to achieve your desired look and feel. We are experienced in working on all major public and private projects.


Our team of landscape architects can take on a wide variety of projects. Whether you need complete site work with beautiful, well-scheduled work, or just advice on the best plant materials for your existing garden, we can assist you.

We offer a custom-designed project management program that allows us to make sure your project stays on schedule and on budget. We manage all work, from planning to installing the final product. We are based in Sydney, so we can make sure the project meets our client’s needs in a timely manner, wherever you are located.

Our services include:


Landscape architecture and landscape design

Construction management

Clean up/decommissioning


Every landscaping project begins with a design phase that will provide the first direction of the project.

Landscape design involves different aspects of work from the client. This begins with site planning and reviewing drawings. A final plan is created based on information gathered during the design process, and the design can include areas of protection such as buildings and pathways.

Landscape design is an important part of the design process, providing a framework and direction for the entire project. The site-specific approach taken ensures that plants are chosen and planted to best suit the climate and character of the site. To give an example, our professionals will choose plants that do well in hotter climates such as the south of Australia. Trees and shrubs, such as Ailanthus altissima (tree of heaven) in a warmer climate are capable of living longer.

After the design is completed

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